Closing Out 2016

Presidential Election

Needless to say 2016 has been a wild and exciting year.  Donald Trump handily beat Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race.  We will all be better off in the long run.  She had nothing new to offer and the questions surrounding Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and questions of criminality all came into play to bring her downfall.  Another major question was her health issues – too many public breakdowns.  In addition she campaigned as though the election was in the bag.  (Arrogance).


The possibility of attacks in the U.S. has increased greatly during the last eight years of the  Obama Presidency and has been played down as domestic violence by Obama. Is he pro Muslim?  No doubt in my mind coupled with his unwillingness to recognize acts that have occurred as being related to radical Islamists.  Thank God he’s out.

Questions concerning the legitimacy of Trump winning the election and Russian influence.

The Obama administration, DNC, notable Liberals and self-proclaimed political journalists are continuing to  peddle their opinions as facts.  (Fake News?)

Organization for Action (OFA)

Do you think Obama is going away?  Think again!  I’ve read that the Obama family has acquired a residence in D.C. and Obama will continue to strengthen his influence in the Democratic National Committee with respect to policy and selection of future Presidential Candidates.

Read about the OFA at the link below.  It has been around for quite some time.

If the Obama presidency is winding down, why is his group Organizing for Action ramping up?

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