Fauxcahontas warren Plans to Embarrass President Trump at Congressional Speech

Is this the best Massachusetts can do?


This should be very interesting. I do not expect that the address will turn into a Question and Answer affair. I do however think Warren will wait until she sees (in her mind) the appropriate time to strike. Warren will be accompanied by Tiba Faraj, who first came to Lynn with her family in 2010, about four years after her father was shot and left permanently disabled while working in Iraq, according to Warren’s office. Actress Meryl Streep was also invited to Trump’s speech, according to the website Heat Street, (Heat Street is a news, opinion and commentary website based in the United States and United Kingdom. The website was launched in April 2016 by U.S. based British writer and former politician Louise Mensch. It is owned by News Corp under Dow Jones & Company and features sections on politics, technology, culture, business, entertainment, and life.
The website has been described as Centre-right and libertarian.) citing anonymous sources in one Democratic congressional office, though the site could not confirm whether the invitation was serious or even received.
As to Warren’s attempt to embarrass Trump it will probably not be heard in an official capacity. Right after the address, the party not in control of the White House – in this case, the Democrats – provides an opposition response to the policies outlined in the president’s speech. This year, theDemocrat  response will come from Kentucky
Gov. Steve Beshear.


5:00 AM 03/01/2017

Recap of Speech

The Dumbocrats showed their collective disdain for Trump and the American people and his plans to restore dignity and honesty by refusing to stand and applaud the plans  he is working to put in place – simply low class by the Dems as a whole.  What else could one expect?  I could go on and on but if you watched the speech it is clear – Trump is the right choice to make America “Great” again.



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