President’s firing of Colmey Was Totally Legal And Justified

 As I watched Charles Schumer’s public statement on the firing of FBI Director Colmey I found it to be irritating to say the least.  A short time back (prior to the 2016 elections) the Dumbocrsts wanted Colme removed because they felt bringing up Hillary’s private e-mail server would impede HRC’s  chance of winning the Presidency.Her candidacy was doomed long before Election Night.  Now the Dems/Schumer, etc. are saying Trump acted unfairly.  In my opinion I feel after watching Colme dodge questions from Senator Grassley (IA-R) he needed to be fired.  Especially after saying he would only answer those questions in privacy.  This after Sen Grassley summed up his closing pointing out  many times Colme had shared that same information with private investigators working with the FBI along with many other persons.  Other questions came to light concerning Huma Abedin forwarding classified e-mails from HRC,s outhouse server.  She should have been brought up on charges along with Mr. Weiner.  Colme should have recommended charges for the emails she forwarded.

To sum up, the Dumbocrats want it their way and their way only.



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