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This information was compiled September 2016 .  I found it – no problem – fact is the drive-by Media will not report this.  Hillary put the “Turd” in the punch bowl. Read more below.

Panama Papers, Clinton Cash And The Rising Storm; This was originallyposted on Blogger on Google.  Deleted the account B/C of  Zukerburg’s

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The mainstream press up to this point has been reluctant to publish negative newsworthy information and events that cast the Clintons in an unfavorable light.  There is a change in the air so to speak as these news organizations are becoming more open to shining their light on the Clinton money machine as they should have been doing all along. Cover ups, especially in the press severely affect
the future of some news organizations.  MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC have all begun to see their ratings drop in recent years.  It is correct to say that FOX News has been on target for the most part with their “Fair & Balanced” approach and their ratings are head and shoulders above their competition.  I have done some research on the Panama Papers and the Clinton Foundation and most of what you will read here has not been high on the mainstream media’s list as being newsworthy.

The Panama Papers,

Courtesy of Panamanian Law firm mossack Fonseca

The Players That are known:

Frank Guista – One of the largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation, creator of Urasia
Energy that acquired uranium concessions in Kazakhstan with the help of Bill Clinton in 2005.

Eurasia eventually became Uranium One which acquired uranium assets in the United States

and the company was the sold to the Russian State Nuclear Agency in 2010.  Note that Hillary was Secretary of State at that time.( Secretary of Stat 2009-2013). See Footnote below.

Chagoury family of Nigeria – This family has committed $ 1 Billion to the Clinton Initiative.

Hillary steered them to the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.
Ian Telfer – Donations to Clinton Foundation: More than $2 million.
Sergei Kurzin (note liberals charge Trump being friends with Putin – BS!) Russian mining investor
that has donated more than $1 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Jeffrey Epstein – controversial financier and convicted sex offender (young girls), friends with Bill Clinton – $25,000 to Clinton Foundation.  Also:  Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s Orgy Island.
Flight logs attest to his being on board private jet along with Secret Service Personnel.
Denise Rich – Ex wife of financier and one-time international fugitive Marc Rich (pardoned by
Bill Clinton on his last day in office) up to $500,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
Richard Caring – British retail magnate gave the Clinton Foundation $1 million to attend his
charity ball dressed up as a Russian General.
Eli Broad – American entrepreneur held accounts at HSBC.  He is a $1 million+ contributor to the
Clinton Foundation.

Footnote:  Because of the obvious national security implications of turning over control of large quantities of uranium to the Russian government, the deal required approval from Hillary Clinton’s State Department before it could go forward. Nine shareholders in Uranium One sent a combined $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Some of those contributions were not disclosed by the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer sent the Clinton Foundation more than $2 million. Those contributions were revealed first in “Clinton Cash” and discovered using Canadian tax records.
One just has to ask – where is the uranium the Russians control on American soil going?  Russia? Iran? North Korea?  Who knows – we may be on the receiving end some day. This activity by the
Clintons is criminality of the most dangerous kind.



Closing Out 2016

Presidential Election

Needless to say 2016 has been a wild and exciting year.  Donald Trump handily beat Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race.  We will all be better off in the long run.  She had nothing new to offer and the questions surrounding Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation and questions of criminality all came into play to bring her downfall.  Another major question was her health issues – too many public breakdowns.  In addition she campaigned as though the election was in the bag.  (Arrogance).


The possibility of attacks in the U.S. has increased greatly during the last eight years of the  Obama Presidency and has been played down as domestic violence by Obama. Is he pro Muslim?  No doubt in my mind coupled with his unwillingness to recognize acts that have occurred as being related to radical Islamists.  Thank God he’s out.

Questions concerning the legitimacy of Trump winning the election and Russian influence.

The Obama administration, DNC, notable Liberals and self-proclaimed political journalists are continuing to  peddle their opinions as facts.  (Fake News?)

Organization for Action (OFA)

Do you think Obama is going away?  Think again!  I’ve read that the Obama family has acquired a residence in D.C. and Obama will continue to strengthen his influence in the Democratic National Committee with respect to policy and selection of future Presidential Candidates.

Read about the OFA at the link below.  It has been around for quite some time.

If the Obama presidency is winding down, why is his group Organizing for Action ramping up?