Ariana Grande Concert Bombing

170522-manchester-map-jhc-1040_88dab9bf931e0ce42c5a9e8aa2028cae.nbcnews-ux-2880-100005232017Ariana Grande Terrorist Bombing

May 22 2017

Manchester England

As the news broke last night of the terrorist bombing at the concert it became painfully obvious that this was a terrorist bombing.  The explosion was designed to kill and maim as many concert attendees as possible.  According to news reports from the scene as I  write this)  The Manchester bombing claimed 59 people, including 22 fatalities , many of whom were children.  Sadly, the bomber was known to British terrorist experts. The bomb was detonated in the foyer of the venue where the concert was held-an ideal location to injure/kill as many people as possible.  Considering Britain’s experience with terrorist bombings why wasn’t the area secured and those wanting entry when the concert attendees were leaving not searched?  This same location was bombed by the IRA years back

To me is seems that the Brits are hesitant to be aggressive in their willingness to expel those immigrants that are of Mideastern descent.  The U.S as well as Western Europe are leaving themselves wide open for worse.

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